Various Artists - A... Canzoni per l'Ambiente (Songs for the Environment) (2000)

Hello everybody,

although mine is mainly a music blog, I adhered gladly to the Blog Action Day campaign because, as a citizen of this planet, I am profoundly concerned with the actual conditions of its natural environment. We live on the thin-like-a-record surface of the only known world able to support life as we know it, and yet we continue to hurt it in every possible way and treat it as mankind’s dustbin. Well, perhaps the American/Western way of life is not that blessed as Mr. Bush and his fellow oilmen would say, and it’s time to let them go back to their ranches and villas (usually, please note, located quite far from polluted and wasted areas…) and begin to change our lives. Well, I don't want to be annoying. Let me just add that protecting the environment is a political issue, absolutely crucial for our future. And when we come to politics, the most crucial point is information. So, I warmly invite you all to dig the Internet, for example, also to discover what’s really happening right now (don’t expect they'll tell you on the TV…) and what you can do to improve the situation.

One last thing: before downloading this nice collection of «Canzoni per l’ambiente» (Songs for the environment), featuring some of the best names in the Italian “alternative” pop scene (Africa Unite, Agricantus, Nidi d'Arac, Bandabardò, Mau Mau, Max Gazzè, Subsonica and so on...), please leave a green message for everybody to read!

That’s all, folks! R.

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Radu said...


Ruela said...

Green night for you and best wishes.

Ruela said...

Thanks for the link! And the work that I made is for you and has direct link to here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Radu for your wonderful blog with the fantastic music and inspirational philosophies

Radu said...

Many thanx, Ruela! Could I post here your work for Babe(b)logue?

Ruela said...
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dj earball said...

Thanks for this... I'm like you, mostly blogging about music and culture (over at SoundRoots, but it's inevitably linked to the environment, so participation in Blog Action Day makes perfect sense.

Thanks for your consistently interesting offerings. Keep up the good work.

Ruela said...

yes ;)
with pleasure...go ahead.
It's for you.
Have a good life.