Etnika - Nafra (2000)

Hello, happy holidays to you all! Here’s the first of a series of beautiful «Christmas gifts» from my readers. Chris S. proposes us this gorgeous CD by Etnika, a Maltese group engaging in a compelling «fusion of Maltese ethnic instruments with the contemporary». Many thanx, Chris!

«Etnika focuses on the resurrection of Maltese traditional instruments and music. The idea is to use the ancient instruments together with that of other classical and modern instruments in order to create a new Maltese repertoire. The music portrays a unique synthesis between ethnic timbre and contemporary composition. Among the instruments used are zaqq (bagpipe), zummara (reed pipe), flejguta (whistle flute), zafzafa (friction drum), and tanbur (a drum). These are combined with flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano, accordion, tuba and percussion to create a totally new way of making Maltese music. Original compositions are by Ruben Zahra, using traditional melodies as a starting point, but expanding them in the tradition of Piazzolla, Copeland, Ives and Bregovic.» (CDRoots)

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