SIERRA LEONE'S REFUGEE ALL STARS documentary movie trailer

Just to remember that there are lots of persons and peoples in this world who are still fighting for their freedom and dignity, unfortunately with no happy endings guaranteed.
So, in wishing you all a happy new year, I do hope 2008 may be a year of reconciliation, peace and prosperity, especially for them. Peace and Love,


Here is a short trailer for the documentary film SIERRA LEONE'S REFUGEE ALL STARS. The film tells the remarkable story of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, a group of musicians who form a band while living in a West African refugee camp. They were forced from their homes by a brutal civil war that took the lives of many of their loved ones and left them with physical and emotional scars that may never heal. But it could never take away their music. Through music they find a place of refuge, a sense of purpose and a source of power. This film follows the band over the course of three years as they make the difficult decision to return to their war-torn country and realize their dream of recording an album of their original music. The story of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars celebrates the best of the human spirit - the incredible ability of individuals to sustain hope and find forgiveness even in a climate of rage and loss.


alonsii said...

Happy new year!!!

Ruela said...

Un buon anno per in pieno voi di felicità