The Kudsi Erguner Ensemble - Peshrev and Semai of Tanburi Djemil Bey (1994)

«Along with his brother, Suleyman, Kudsi Erguner is one of the top players of the ney, a Turkish reed flute. In addition to his own recordings, Erguner has performed with Peter Gabriel, Maurice Bejart, Peter Brook, Georges Aperghis, Didier Lockwood and Michel Portal. His compositions and collaborations have been heard in the films, The Last Temptation Of Christ and Meetings With Remarkable Men, theater piece and film, Mahabharata, and ballets, Le Voyage Nocturne and Neva. Erguner's band, The Kudsi Erguner Ensemble, was formed in 1988, as Fasi, with the goal of preserving the classical music of the sixteenth century Ottomon Empire.

[In this record] this world-famous ensemble interprets compositions by one of the greatest musicians of Turkey's cultural renaissance, Djemil Bey (1873-1918). The artistry of both compositions and performances aside, there is a notably effective balance of ensemble pieces and solo performances by various instruments. The notes are, as usual with CMP, brief but entirely adequate.» (AMG)

Thanx to Giuliano for this post.

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Radu said...
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Anonymous said...

the file will not open. any suggestions ?
thanks for the great music - jjj

Radu said...

The download is still working. Massmirror must have been busy, please try again. Radu

Anonymous said...

Hi Radu

I downloaded the file OK but the ,rar file will not open. My software message says it is part of an .avi movie file.
I think the file is not what it appears.

Radu said...

try a different host. I downloaded the file myself, and it's all ok. Good luck:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Radu,
Thanks for the suggestion. From a different host the file opened successfully. The effort was well worth it as it is a great album of folk/traditional turkish music - very rootsie. Thanks Again.

Hana-Bi said...

The Badongo file doesn't work.
I tried with MU and it's ok.

Thanks a lot for the beautiful music, Radu

Heavypsychman said...

Thanks for sharing

I just started a blog for Indian and Asian classical music called

Sounds of Enlightment .blogspot

I'll link your blog to it too

Best to you!

Heavypsychman said...

This download works but is empty

repost it

Checkout Sounds of Enlightment blogspot for Indian and Afghan classical music!

Radu said...

Hi, the download is still working, except for the Badongo file. So, please, if you used Badongo, try a different host.

Anonymous said...

A few Erguner albums that I uploaded over time...



KUDSI ERGUNER - Journeys of a Sufi Musician [2005]

KUDSI ERGUNER - Meditation on the Ney [UNESCO Collection] [1978]

Mark Nauseef; Kudsi Erguner; Markus Stockhausen - Gazing Point [2002]

Kudsi Erguner & Xavier Ballenger - Ney & Kena [Conference des roseaux] [1982]

Radu said...