Paranda: Africa in Central America (1998)

«Paranda is a musical tradition of the Garifuna, whose ancestry can be traced to West Africans (Ibo, Yoruba, and Ashanti tribes) and the Arawak Indians of the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Today the Garifuna live in Belize, where they established communities in 1802 after being first exiled to Honduras from their native St. Vincent, then fleeing Honduras to escape a civil war. Paranda combines Spanish, Arawak, and West African influences to make a lively, acoustic music that is heavy on percussion. Nearly all Paranda features large wooden drums called primero and secundo, as well as shakers and smaller drums made from turtle shells. This collection, titled simply Paranda, brings together some of Belize's few remaining Paranderos to document this fascinating musical genre.» (AMG)

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Radu said...


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

This sounds real good radu, I almost visited a place on the coast in Guatemala when I was there called Livingstone I think, it was said to have a large afro american population and music to suit
get up the fantastic work
ciao bob

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Karl Eklund said...

Very good. There are records by Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective that have been received well. If you go to http://1795.karleklund.net you can read the adventures of a french spy among the Caribs/Garifuna during the second carib war on St. Vincent. Pictures of St. Vincent are on http://pix.karleklund.net

Radu said...

Hi, Karl

I love Andy Palacio's music, his death is a great loss. Many thanx for the info, I'm eager to read the story of the french spy...

Stay tuned,

Pablo said...

Great CD, Radu. Thank you very much, my brother.