Sur Sudha Presents: Famous Folk Songs of Nepal - The Himalayan Lores (1996)

«In an attempt to preserve the Nepali classical and folk music, Sur Sudha Records is proud to present this collection of popular Nepali folk songs in compact disc for the first time in Nepal. In this collection, all the music collected has been sung and arranged by renowned musicians and singers of Nepal.

Nepal is a country with many different communities and different landscapes – from the plains in the southern region to the mountains in the North. Each community is rich in traditional and cultural heritage. Every community has its own folk-lores and musical instruments. Most of the folklore expresses the daily activities of the communities, their festivals and their life.

Additional music and percussion by Sur Sudha. Digitally remixed by Sanjay Shrestha at Omniphonics digital sound studio, Katmandu, 2053 Bikram era (1996 a.d.).» (From the liners notes)

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Great, good music exists anywhere =P


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This is gonna be good. Thank you.

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