Willie and Lobo - Siete (2000)

Though they were initially discovered while playing at a small club in Puerto Vallarta, the acoustic duo of Willie Royal and Wolfgang "Lobo" Fink had been influenced by the music of the entire world — Royal, though born in Texas, traveled with his Air Force father to Turkey, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and France, while Fink, born in Germany, also lived in Spain, Jamaica and Mexico. As such, Willie & Lobo's music includes influences from Gypsy music, Tex-Mex, flamenco, hot jazz, reggae, tango, and many more styles. The duo met in Mexico and after playing together briefly, went their separate ways, with Fink recording two albums as Lobo during the mid-'80s. They were together again for good by 1991, Royal's classically trained but jazz-inspired violin meshing well with Fink's energetic flamenco guitar. Willie & Lobo had been playing together for several years before being picked up by Mesa/Bluemoon for American release in 1993. That year, Gypsy Boogaloo was released in the States and reached number two on the world charts. Worldwide exposure followed soon after, almost a given considering the duo's inclusion of several different national forms. Further albums followed.

On their seventh album, the aptly titled Siete, Willie & Lobo move farther than ever into smooth contemporary-jazz territory, crafting a showcase for their fine soloing technique. Yet that doesn't detract from the air of mysticism and understated passion that's always been a hallmark of the duo's recordings. Nor does it mean that guests like pianist David Benoit and bassist John Leftwhich obscure Willie & Lobo's blend of flamenco and Latin American rhythms – it simply makes for an even more eclectic blend.» (AMG)

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thanks for your wonderful blog and for this post in particular. I didn't know Willie & Lobo before...

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Excellent album - thanks for sharing it on your blog.

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A belated thank you for your repost of IVa Bittova's "River of Milk." Nice stuff from Cracow Klezmer Band,too. Thanks a bunch.


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Estupendo disco, mil gracias!
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I haven't heard them before. They are amazing and so are you... :o)

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Willie & Lobo are one of the least known gems in quasi-flamenco/new age groove. Give us some more when ya got it, please.