Info Note

Hello everybody!

For those who could not download I.K. Dairo's file: as you can see, now the links are working - sometimes it takes time to reupload the file (especially if it's a big one) on fileservers. So, please be patient:)

As for the Tapas Box, the Box.net Team says: "the account is currently out of bandwidth. Bandwidth normally resets at the first of the month, but sometimes takes longer. If you find its being used up quickly, it might be due to the size of the files being shared as well as the number of users downloading it.".

So, we'll probably have to wait . In the meantime, I'll try to reduce the amount of files in the Tapas Box, but I can't complain about having too many visitors...

But, let me know: if many of you are interested, I could make available for download a zipped collection of the latest tapas.

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Anonymous said...

ty Radu for the explications.
kebé raide