Miró - Angel N1 (1990)

Some time ago, an anonymous reader (thanx!) left a link for the first Miró album in the comments section of my first Miró post, devoted to their beautiful The Divine E.P. Since it’s a very nice album, worthy of your attention, I thought it deserved a post of its own.

«Roderick "Roddie" I. Harris (v,g), nato nel 1963 da madre spagnola e padre inglese, influenze che vanno dalla Incredible String Band agli Status Quo, da Jacques Brel ai Clash, da Erik Satie a Scott Walker e a Marc Bolan, dopo varie esperienze in gruppi punk e rock […] nella seconda metà degli ‘80 riapre alla musica il Troubadour Cafè, un club che dall'inizio dei ‘60 alla prima metà dei ‘70 aveva visto nomi come Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello e tanti altri calcare il suo piccolo palco. Ben presto, il Troubadour diventa un luogo di ritrovo per tutti gli artisti emergenti della nuova scena acustica londinese. […] Uno dei nuovi gruppi più interessanti è quello dei Dinner Ladies, in cui suona anche Julia Palmer, violoncellista con esperienze di conservatorio ma anche con Sadista Sisters e Hollywood Beyond. […] Già dalla fine del 1988, Julia si unisce sempre più spesso alla nuova band di Roddie Harris, i Miró, nati nel marzo dello stesso anno dalle ceneri degli Harvey. All'inizio dell'89, i Miró si ampliano con l'inserimento in pianta stabile della Palmer e l'aggiunta di Richard Kirstein (cl,v) e Julian Jackson, violinista che aveva suonato anche con Darryl Way e Sonja Kristina, mentre alle percussioni si alternano Mark Louis Waldman, Pablo Cook e Fat Eddie. Alla fine dello stesso anno, con la produzione dell'ex-Metro Sean Lyons, viene inciso l'ottimo Angel N1. L'album, viene accolto molto bene dalla critica inglese (NME e Folk Roots su tutti), ma colpisce nel segno soprattutto in Italia, dove i Miró vengono praticamente adottati da stampa e pubblico…» (Continua)

For a Miró fansite in English, click here

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Derek said...

Excellent album from one of the best folk bands I've ever heard! After searching for about a year I finally managed to get my hands on The Grain of the Voice and it's great as well. Does anyone out there on the internet happen to have "The Circus of Electrifying Possibilities" or "The South Wraxall Bootleg Session '94?" It's very unfortunate how rare this group's music is.

Anonymous said...

Some 17 years ago I was a Greek exchange student in London. Since I didn't have much money for almost anything, I would usually choose cheap ways to have fun. The Station Tavern pub was an excellent choice. There was also a pub in Lambeth North where musicians were welcome to jam for free (I play blues harmonica). The best place though was Troubador Cafe at Earls Court. That's where I watched Miro for the first time and that was it! It was amazing. Many people were playing there but I just couldn't wait to listen to Miro. Obviously I kept going there and also bought their tape. Unfortunatelly, that tape was lost. Eversince I couldn't find anything of their music until now. No need to say how greatful I am. Thanks mate! That was really something. Is there a way I could get The Grain of the Voice too?

Once more, thanks!

witchmountain said...

I loved this album...in fact it's now the only album I have in the house, though I have nothing to play it on! Last saw Miro perform at a small vegetarian cafe at Angel on April 23rd 1989 ( my birthday treat)

CS said...

Can someone please repost a working link for Miro's albums. Would really to listen to them again.