The Rough Guide to the Music of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro (2005)

«Cutting down the usual mass of music contained in any given Brazilian compilation, and following the more regional focus of the Bahia Rough Guide, this album covers the more urban music of Brazil — the samba, bossa nova, carioco, and so on. Some electronic samba opens the album, followed quickly by a rendition of a classic Gilberto Gil piece. Fusions of samba with electronica, bossa nova with funk, and MPB with soul and jazz make themselves heard here. The classic compositions of Jobim, Gil, Powell, and others also find their way in simultaneously. Some of the most interesting stuff here is the least standard for the area. Ed Motta sounds like an old Michael Jackson dance record, Beth Carvalho enhances an old piece with notions of "Over the Rainbow." The sounds aren't as contemporary as one might expect given the massive life in Rio currently, but there are some interesting pieces here that make a decent cross-stylistic set.» (AMG)

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