First Batch of Re-Uploads

Asiaminor - Sokak Boyunca (1991)

African Party Volume 1 (1966-1968)

Ghazal - Moon Rise Over The Silk Road (2000)

Lynda Lemay - Live (1999)

Quartetto Marini - Cantata Profana (1990)

Bembeya Jazz National - Authenticité 73 / Parade Africaine (1973)

Bevinda - Fatum (1994)

Skolvan - Kerzh Ba'n' Dans / Entrez dans la Danse (1991)


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Radu said...

Hi, anonymous.

To call piracy a sharing of knowledge and an active promotion of artists (many of which are enthusiasticly supporting sites like Babe(b)logue), music genres and cultures like the ones offered in this site is a total and offensive misunderstanding of its function and purpose.
And, by the way, "if any copyright owner objects to the inclusion of their music (video or audio) in these pages, we'll immediately remove it."
Enough said, I guess.

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Bevinda's FATUM was really great, I still remember it!! glad that someone re-load it - its a true cool work!